Cate Charlie Skiing Sports

Spring Break 2019 – Crested Butte

Here are a few videos from Spring Break 2019. We went to Crested Butte.

The Family Skis Through the Woods

Cate and Dad Ski Paradise (Bear)

Charlie skis the terrain park

Little Bambino!

Guy talking to us on the Red Lady Lift

Golf Sports

Cate takes a golf lesson

I had my golf lesson today. We shot this video.
Tell me what you think!


Making Slime is Fun

I make slime all the time.
It is really fun.
It’s much better than learning to run.
I spend my days slipping and sliding.
I wish I wasn’t so good at hiding.

You can get this cool slime-making kit by clicking the picture below. It will help you learn how to make slime.

If you just want to buy slime and play with it, I love this kit. It has tons of different slimes for your slimy pleasure.


Cate’s kitten

Cate got a kitten today… in Minecraft!

Art Cate

Cate’s new house

Cate has been busy playing tennis, swimming, and playing with her new favorite game: Minecraft. Here’s a video of the house she built after breeding a bunch of sheep of different colors and then sheering them to make wool blocks of different colors.

Animals Minecraft

Cate’s Pink and Purple Sheep

Cate made red, blue, yellow, and even pink and purple sheep in Minecraft.


Cate Skis Crested Butte 2013


Cate’s ballet recital 2012

Here’s Cate.


Rode our bikes to the park

Cate rode her bike to the River Oaks Elementary School park. She played football with her brother and basketball with her Mom. She even dunked the ball once!

Here’s a video of her coming back home.

Cate Charity

It’s My Party and I’ll Jump If I Want To!

Cate’s birthday party is going to be at Pump It Up! this year.  She is really looking forward to jumping around with her friends from school.  Remember, she would like you to donate to a charity rather than buying her a present.  You can pick your favorite charity or choose one of Cate’s favorites from the right-hand side.